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Swimwear is clothing intended to be worn by men and women participating within a drinking water-based mostly action or water sporting activities, like swimming, diving and browsing, or sun-orientated things to do, for instance Sunlight bathing. Differing types could be worn by Adult males, women, and youngsters. Swimwear is described by a number of… Read More

Leggings refer to several types of leg coverings. Modern usage from the 1960s came to refer to elastic close-fitting garments worn over the legs typically by women, such as leg warmers or tights. Usage from the 18th century refers to men's wear, usually made of cloth or leather that is wrapped around the leg down to the ankle.[1] In the 19th centur… Read More

A nightgown, nightie or nightdress is often a loosely hanging merchandise of nightwear, now Virtually completely worn by women. A nightgown is created from cotton, silk, satin, or nylon and should be decorated with lace appliqués or embroidery at the bust and hem.[1]A nightgown may have any neckline, and may have sleeves of any kind, or be sleevel… Read More